Why Thankfulness Daily Could Change Your Life?

This past Sunday I hosted a Salad in a Jar party. A salad in a jar party is simply what it reads, salads in jars. When I was a network marketing rep selling juice plus this one of the events we organized to spread the word about the benefits of flooding the body with fruits and vegetables. It was also a way for us to connect with people.

The guest from the party were 8 ladies from my neighborhood. I planned to have 10 but two people were unable to make it. One lady was a no show and the morning of the party one lady contacted me and informed me she was sick and couldn’t come but within an hour of speaking to her another lady from the neighborhood wanted to sign up last minute. I call this good Karma. I didn’t get upset about the ladies who were not able to come instead I focused on giving the one who reached out to me advice on remedies to help her feel better. I didn’t allow my mind to invite negative thinking. Instead I opted for operating from a place of service and compassion.

I have been living in my neighborhood for about three years and I’m a bit of an introvert which is interesting to most because my business doesn’t involve the introvert part of me. Being able to connect with a couple women I know and to meet a few others made the experience wonderful. I was thankful for them and sometimes in life we have lots of things to be thankful for but we tend to focus on the things we do not have.

For November I want to invite you to welcome thankfulness back into every part of your life. If I allowed myself to focus on who wasn’t at the party, it would dishonored the people who showed up for me. I hosted the event to connect and to share my passion for teaching others how to take care of their bodies.

It allowed me to be able to practice my passion of teaching as I shared the love of self-care. Most of the women were unfamiliar with the salad and a jar concept and being able to share that with them so they can start making their own was priceless. Being thankful allows you to remove any ill intent from your heart and invite the art of compassion and kindness for all. There were ladies who didn’t know how to make the salad jars I reassured them that they can add as many toppings or as little toppings as they wanted.

For a salad in the jar party I like to keep the guest list under 10 since my house only has room for about 12 people to seat comfortably and I was happy that I didn’t go over my max limit. Throughout the experience, sharing my love for eating healthier, and chatting with the ladies, I gained connections with them. Before meeting them, I was already known as a kind and sweet person but this was because I try to practice this wherever I go.

The lives who I have touched has gave me the reputation I have, and it wouldn’t be this way without practicing thanksgiving daily.

Thanksgiving daily reminds me that I must be compassionate to myself and others. It also reminds me to appreciate what I have and what I don’t have. It allows me to search my heart and continue to make it a pure place so that I can be who I need to be for others around me.

Thankfulness is part of self-care. It’s helps me stay healthy mentally and emotionally because I don’t worry about not being enough or having enough. I know that every season in life isn’t beautiful but there are also seasons that are lovely. Those of the ones I used to keep me from breaking down.

So, as you read this today ask yourself what have you neglected by focusing on what you don’t have? I can cringe when I think about the times when I said I “didn’t have anyone in my life to help me.” This was false and disrespectful to the ones that were clearly there, but I was depressed. I didn’t understand that I had support because I was focused on the negative season I was going through. I was suffering in silence and my ego didn’t allow me to have the courage to speak up.

Now that I practice thankfulness daily, I evaluate my thoughts more clearly and though I am not perfect and still have room to grow, I am no longer allowing my circumstances to depict my thankfulness.

Are you suffering in silence? Do you need to invite more thankfulness into your life? Are you experiencing burnt out? As a mom to three children I get it, life gets tough and taking time for ourselves seem like a selfish act. Maybe you’re not a mom, maybe you’re a woman that needs me time but you find yourself unhappy, no joy, and you feel like you don’t have anything in your life to be thankful for.

Let me help you get through this. I thought I could do it alone, but I couldn’t do it alone. We all need support. Book a call today and let me help you invitee more thankfulness into your life. Let me show you how to take care of yourself completely so that you can step into your purpose. We cannot not thrive in a body that is not whole. I want to help you get there so you don’t have to suffer in silence anymore. Book a call using my calendar http://ShundaJenkins.as.me/

Let me help you get back to a balanced life so that you will have a clear vision of where you want to go in life. Talk Soon

How do you organize a salad in a jar party you may be thinking? Well you ask a few friends or family members to join you, grab a couple quart size mason jars, and buy a variety of produce and salad dressing. I personally like to make my own but store-bought dressing works the same.

You layer the jars starting with two tablespoons of dressing. Add the harder veggies first ½-1 Cup such as carrots, cherry tomatoes not chopped, and broccoli. Then add ½ -1 Cup of softer veggies like cucumbers, onions, and potatoes. Add your grains and beans ½-1 Cup then pack the top full to the brim with your favorite greens, I prefer spring mix about 2 cups then add some nuts or seeds on top and you have your salad. These are excellent to have throughout the week. They are good in the fridge for up to 5 days. The goal is to get at least 4-6 cups of vegetables and fruits in your diet daily and these jars are an excellent way to do it.

I host these parties in my local community for women and businesses that are interested in having healthier opens for lunch at an affordable price. If you’re local to the Spartanburg, SC and Greenville, SC community use my calendar to book a call to learn more about how I can help you organize a wellness party. http://ShundaJenkins.as.me/

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