You Can’t Force People to Change

I used to wonder why some people were a product of their circumstance and others decided to do things differently. I have always been an observant person. I can recall my mom telling me stories about when I was a young girl, I would always look around at my surroundings, trying to figure out what was happening? I was curious about how people interacted and made decisions. I like to connect with people because it was fascinating to see how we all look different but are alike in so many ways. I meet people at the grocery stores, schools, on vacation, and the list goes on. I never miss out on an opportunity to talk and engage with people because this is just who I am.

Being around a variety of people, different ages, and ethnicities, I noticed that there was a trait in the ones that made things happen and the ones that didn’t. What made people successful and others not? We all have the same potential inside of us, but some never activate it. When we are born, our bodies start to experience things that will shape us into who we are or choose to become. Rather you grew up in an impoverished environment, or an environment with abundance, your life is truly what you make it.

Maybe you may be thinking that the person from the impoverished environment is at a disadvantage, but this may be true for some but not for all. We don’t know the conditions of the person in the abundance environment, maybe they are also struggling but it’s a different struggle. The person with the impoverished environment may look at life as if they must do what it takes to prevent them from experiencing the same situation, they were born in. The person who may be living an abundance life could possibly not go after their passion because they have temporary pleasures around them. They don’t have to struggle so why would they allow themselves to go through pain when they already have a cushion life? Having money doesn’t make it easy for anyone, it may help you be able to buy temporary happiness, but it doesn’t fix what the person is experiencing internally. We all have seen it before, famous people who are not happy so why do people think a life with abundance is an advantage?

In life its all about perspective, it’s the way we see something. We can look at our life and think we are at a disadvantage and that will become our reality. Or we can look at our life and see the possibilities. So, the difference between those who pursue their goals and those who don’t is perspective. The ones who decide to give up has this perceptive about how life is and will always be. The ones who achieve their goals decide that life is what they want it to be, so they strive to create the life they want. It doesn’t matter what family they came from, what they been through, all that matters is where they want to go.

Imagine how many things you said you were going to do but you allowed your brain to tell you that it isn’t possible. When we create thoughts and form habits our brain is using that information for future situations, so if you always think things in life are hard then that’s all your brain will know. You must rewire your brain neuroplasticity, “Neuroplasticity” refers to your brain’s ability to restructure or rewire itself when it recognizes the need for adaption (Healthline). The brain can change and adapt overtime which mean that you have the power to change it. If you want to think more positive thoughts then you have to recognize when you are being negative and self-sabotaging yourself so that you can change that thought to a thought that is true about yourself.

The voices we hear about ourselves that is negative is just false truths that we that we were told to believe. Maybe we heard it in an old relationship, as a child, from a parent, wherever the thought came from, ask yourself is it true? If it is not get rid of it immediately and replace it with something that is true about yourself. For example, if you hear that negative voice telling you “no one loves you,” replace it with “the right people in my life loves me.” When another one comes up again you simply replace it until the false truths about yourself are no longer loud. This is how you rewrite your brain neuroplasticity; it starts with you deciding not to allow false truths about yourself to determine how you feel about yourself.

Therefore, we cannot force things on people because it takes rewiring the brain to change a person. Everything starts with the mental, it doesn’t matter how many life coaches, health coaches, mentors, or courses you sign up for to help you get over that hump of not feeling motivated to go after your goal, it will never happen until you rewire your brain to believe it is possible. There is a famous quote by Henry Ford that says, “Whether you think you can, or you think you can't--you're right.” It starts with the brain, how we think, this is what determines the way our life will go. “Everything in your life is a reflection of a choice you have made. If you want a different result, make a different choice.” Anonymous

3 Ways to Improve the Brain Neuroplasticity

Exercising is good for the complete body, it helps reduce stress, and it improves the brain’s cognitive ability for learning and memory. When you exercise it increases the blood flow throughout the body which increase brain cell growth and reduce depression symptoms.

Playing games is helpful for the brain because it increases the motor coordination, reaction time, reasoning, decision making, cooperation, and team building. Games like puzzles, exercise video games, rhyming games, 3-D adventure games, and board games. Research says “these effects appear to kick in after about 16 hours of gameplay”(Healthline).

Learning a new language improves the brain cognitive function. So, rather you want to learn for fun or to enhance your resume, learning a new language is beneficial for the brain. It increases the gray and white matter in the brain that is useful for language, attention, memory, improved vocabulary, and stronger problem solving and critical thinking skills.

For more information about Brain Neuroplasticity click the link to the article below

Article about the Brain Neuroplasticity (

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